Thursday, September 23, 2010

not a haiku today.

When I become president.
When I become president I will make the following changes.
First of all end of the war on drugs.
Release all nonviolent drug offenders in prison.
Officially pardon all nonviolent drug offenders.
Stopping the war on drugs releasing all of these inmates will free up billions of dollars annually.
Ending the war on drugs will also drastically lower crime since it will no longer be illegal to ingest plant or chemical matter.
Ending the war on drugs keep more money within the United States instead of drug suppliers outside the borders.
Keeping the violent drug offenders out of prison will allow them to contribute to society at boost the economy.
With these billions of dollars of new found wealth I will enact the following.
Create challenges to major automobile manufacturers to create fully electric vehicles.
To incentivize manufacturers, use a portion of the newfound wealth as a subsidy for the most promising products.
Allocate up to and including 50% of its newfound wealth for this project.
Return 5% of the remaining back to taxpayers.
This will further boost the economy and make for better quality of life.
Once two or three major auto manufacturers are fully on board with the electric automobile, provide incentives for people to purchase one of these vehicles.
These incentives can include; tax breaks, exiting lease agreements without penalty, inflated trade-in value for existing vehicles, and things of that nature.
Once the subsidies have allowed manufactures to cover the costs of new production facilities for electric vehicles, decrease the amount of subsidy by a percentage annually.
This should not negatively impact the manufacturers as new customers will outweigh the removal of these subsidies.
With a large portion of the populace utilizing electric vehicles the demand for oil will significantly decrease.
This will drop the price of gasoline for those still using combustion engines.
With fewer people using gasoline, revenue from taxes on gasoline for roads will decrease.
Since we will still have billions of dollars saved annually due to ending the war on drugs, a portion of this can be used to maintain and improve roads, set up charging stations, and converted gas stations into charging stations.
Within a few years demand for oil will drop significantly.
With such a low demand the need for foreign oil, territorial wars for oil based on false pretenses can be eliminated.
Ending these wars will allow thousands of Americans to come back home and be out of harm's way.
Other countries who want to stay competitive will notice these changes and enact similar changes.
Ideally these changes would influence clean energy groups to create more wind and solar energy farms.
With enough clean energy farms we could decrease our dependency on electricity based on coal burning.
All of these changes will eliminate many jobs, but create new ones as well.
After all of this, the United States will be mostly self-sufficient in regard to energy.
We could then remove more troops from foreign countries and ultimately remove all troops from being the invading force that it is in over 100 countries around the world.
Our military could once again be a defensive one and hopefully, eventually, we would no longer be seen as an agressor.
Once again, this entire plan has to start with ending the war on drugs.
I expect this entire situation to take more than one or two terms.
I would hope to have made enough of am impact by the end of my term so that the next president would not be able to undo all of these changes.
So, vote for me when the time comes.


  1. Nice read, reminds me of a quote that goes something along the lines of "Why is it that all the people who knows how to run this country are cap drivers or bartenders?" :D

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