Saturday, September 4, 2010

workplace haikus

 here's some work related haikus
 The phone goes, "beep beep"
Tech support, my name is Drew
How can I help you?
Reboot the PC
His screen is now happenning;
Patel is angry!
No no no no no!
You see because I need to
Only one more thing
You come on my screen
You will understand me more.
Screen saver is on
Want to print report
Ok, click on "reports" please
So I click "House" then?
A funny haiku
Emailed Andrew and Owen
Left my sig on…. derp
I fail at haiku
Syllables… I am confuse.
Drew is dissapoint.
No tech 2 at night
Too many calls to deal with
I want promotion
I check guest in room
Then folio not doing
Just another day
Sat down and tore pants
Bag hanging out through the tear….
….ahhhh, air conditioned.
Aberdeen needs help…
My MSN is flashing….
Right click, close window.


  1. From what I can tell, a haiku is the best for of expression, ever.

  2. tl;dr

  3. made me laugh even tough i dont like haikus...

  4. Awesome. :D

  5. very interesting! need moar posts from you...

  6. lol good stuff man! Keep it up!

  7. good stuff

  8. I lol'd

  9. nice blog lol ;), keep up the good work man!

    i just FOLLOWED you, could you follow me back please?

    I also just SUPPORTED YOU,you you do the same back please?

    cheers mate

  10. i love haikus!
    i used to write them all the time. theyre fun and simple too!